US Security Sees 30% Increase in Design Efficiency and 50% Time Savings with SiteOwl

SiteOwl is a game-changer for USA Security by delivering better, real-time experiences for customers and teams.

Originally founded in 2003, USA Security Inc. specializes in the design and deployment of integrated security systems in a wide variety of industries. As a customer-focused, technology-driven company, USA Security has had tremendous success delivering a powerful customer experience at every stage of its project workflow. Their dedication to providing a high level of customer service alongside innovation gives USA Security their competitive edge.

Because USA Security is known for its consultative approach to integration projects, the team works closely with clients to create custom solutions for each project. This iterative approach is great for clients, but adds a layer of complexity for internal teams as client needs and project designs constantly evolve. The company struggled to keep all teams on the same page when changes were made, lengthening the sales process and confusing teams.

In the past, USA Security had scattered its customers’ information across a wide variety of systems in an effort to keep everything in order. Unfortunately, this added complexity and made it difficult for the team to provide important information for the client.

USA Security Managing Director Ross Brandon knew there had to be a better way. “Telling a customer’s security system story is difficult to keep consistent and clear if it’s done across multiple platforms,” ​​Brandon said. “I started looking for a new platform to just help with project reporting, but I didn’t want to get bogged down with cumbersome and complex PM software.”

It was then that the United States security team discovered SiteOwl.

SiteOwl’s cloud-based platform provided USA Security with an integrated suite of tools specifically designed to improve system visibility and collaboration. These tools have allowed the team to react more quickly to customer requests while drastically reducing the time it takes to distribute information to the entire team.

As a company that prides itself on being technology-driven and customer-centric, USA Security is thrilled with SiteOwl’s capabilities. In particular, SiteOwl’s ability to make real-time floor plan changes and keep the document aligned with the client’s story. “Our industry encompasses many trades, skills and technologies,” Brandon said, “But if you have a map that tells a clear story to all readers, and that map is easy and quick to use, you can focus more on your team and the client rather than back-end processes, SiteOwl helps us do that.

According to Brandon, the speed at which accurate and up-to-date information is distributed between teams when updates have been made is also a game-changer. Rather than sending emails and passing messages in meetings or calls, anyone can check out SiteOwl and be in the know.

Overall, Brandon estimates the company has seen a 30% improvement in efficiency when designing security systems and a 50% time saving when submitting job reports and tracking progress. the progress of the installation in the field.

Brandon notes that the company still has a lot to unlock and use in SiteOwl. They’re still using the platform as in-house software only, but plan to onboard customers into projects somewhere down the road. This, he said, will drastically reduce their customer reports and requests for customer information. The service department is also just beginning to see how easy it is to collect troubleshooting information as more and more projects make their way into SiteOwl.

To learn more about how SiteOwl can transform your security installations and help your business succeed, visit us at or contact us at 1+888-SiteOwl.

Abdul J. Gaspar