The interior design program hopes to raise funds and give the Goebel building new shine

The interior design department hopes to raise $ 60,000 for new rugs and a restored representation of the department’s prowess. Sarah Pinkerton | Photographer

By Clara Lincicome | Journalist

The interior design department located in the Goebel building seeks to improve its interior, in particular the rugs, in order to better represent the work that is done inside its walls.

Ann Theriot, Clinical Assistant Professor of Interior Design is the resource person for the Fundraising. Theriot said she passionately feels that the current interior of the building is anything but inspiring for students who wish to pursue a career in interior design.

“We moved to Goebel in 2012, the interior design program did. We had already walked across campus to a few older places that were also just as unattractive, ”Theriot said. “It’s great, we’re really happy to be in this building, but it hasn’t been renovated for about 30 years. The rug is very, very old and unattractive and does not look like any interior decorating skill. It does not demonstrate what we are doing.

The new carpet is not just an upgrade for the building, but rather a piece of the building construction puzzle that accurately represents the interior design caliber of the department.

“We really wanted to refresh the building and make it look like a real design studio and really raise the level of design excellence to look like what we teach our students,” Theriot said.

Wednesday was Baylor Giving Day, and the department focused on the alumni fundraising initiative.

“We are running a torch campaign with Baylor, which is a short fundraising process to burn.” said Theriot. “There is a torch fundraising page that has photos of the building, the interior, as well as what the new rug will look like.”

Fundraising for this project works through donors who purchase square meters of rugs. Each square meter costs $ 35, and when completed, the name of each donor will be displayed in the building.

Jill Kraeger is a freshman interior design student from Cary, Ill. Who recently purchased a square rug for fundraising.

“It’s really embarrassing that [the building is] so sad. Nobody feels inspired to go there to work or study,… and I know that’s what really started it and it’s finally happening, ”Kraeger said. “We buy a square of carpet and our names will be there forever. “

Theriot stressed that the students in the program support the project because they are “all for anything that will make their studio space more avant-garde and more hip.”

“There is a sense of oneness that students all perceive in the unattractive nature of their workspace, which is terribly ironic considering they are interior design students.” Kraeger said.

As of Thursday, the fundraiser has accumulated $ 2,020 in donations. The campaign goal is $ 60,000, and they hope to install the new carpet by fall 2021, in time for students to enjoy a brand new indoor studio space. The fundraiser ends June 11.

Students like McKinney rookie Ashleigh Bickerstaff are championing the project in hopes of showing “that there are people out there who care about changing the building we are in,” she said.

Theriot said she had high hopes for the campaign and was convinced of the positive effect the new carpet design would have on the atmosphere of the building as well as the performance.

“Baylor’s interior design department trains students with exceptional skills,” Theriot said. “We want to provide them with an engaging learning environment that reflects an equally exceptional design. “

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