SCAD Announces First-Ever Sneaker Design Minor

SAVANNAH, GA. (WSAV) – The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has launched what they say is the first-ever minor in sneaker design. Prop design professor Michael Mack told WSAV that this minor is just the beginning.

“The hope is to make it a major,” Mack said. “We’ve had a great response so far.”

The idea started when SCAD professors realized they weren’t exploiting everything they could when it came to shoes.

“We were just touching the sneakers, but that wasn’t the main focus,” Mack said.

Now all that has changed. By the time students complete the minor, they will have a portfolio that includes physical and digital prototypes of their own designs.

With this minor, students will use virtual reality technology to learn how to design and make sneakers

Photograph courtesy of SCAD

“For the first time in prop design, we’re using virtual reality headsets,” Mack explained.

Using a program called “Gravity Sketch,” students will be able to design their sneakers and see their creations through Oculus virtual reality headsets.

“I think it’s huge to be able to introduce this to students, because it’s this whole space that’s changing very quickly,” Mack said.

Photograph courtesy of SCAD

Mack had several pairs of student-designed sneakers on display. One was created by reusing a handbag meant to be thrown away. Another’s design focused on deconstructing and then reconstructing the elements of a pair of sneakers.

“So each of them has kind of like their own, you know, kind of a unique story and situation as to why they exist,” Mack said.

Abdul J. Gaspar