Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could see a price drop as part of a ‘very strong’ launch

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 could be available in far greater numbers than their predecessors, according to an analyst report. And when the next Galaxy Z Fold arrives, a leaker claims it will feature a more compact design.

The best part? The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 could see a price drop, which would be key to making these foldables appeal to the masses.

Let’s start with the tweet of Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants, which claims that Samsung will produce double the Z Fold 4/Z Flip 4 units in July compared to what it did for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year. If production holds steady from that pace, this year could feature Samsung’s biggest launch for its foldables in terms of units sold.

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Possible price drop of the Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Z Fold desperately needs a price drop. Even after the Galaxy Z Fold 3 saw a price cut, it still costs $1,799.

That’s assuming people want to buy Samsung’s foldables, of course. And they might want more than before, as Young also claims that Samsung might lower the price of the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.

It’s something the Z Fold desperately needs. Even after the Galaxy Z Fold 3 saw a price cut, it still costs $1,799. The Z Flip 3’s $999 price tag is more reasonable, but lowering its price would also make sense given that beyond folding capability, the Galaxy Z models don’t have the cameras or lifespan of the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S range.

By comparison, Apple’s most expensive iPhone is the $1,099 iPhone 13 Pro Max, although there’s been a rumor that the iPhone 14 Pro Max could start at $1,199 this year, according to to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Apple does not offer a foldable iPhone, but rumors indicate that Apple offers an iPhone Flip or similar device. The bad news is that the first foldable iPhone isn’t expected until 2025. So Samsung might win more fans – and maybe even some iPhone switches – with a more competitively priced Z Fold 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: smaller and lighter design

That’s not the only speculation surrounding the Galaxy Z Fold 4. ice universe claimed that the foldable will be smaller and lighter, and will feature a narrower display bezel compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This phone has increased in weight, height and thickness compared to the already bulky Galaxy Z Fold 2 , so backing up in the other direction seems like a good call.

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However, making the Galaxy Z Fold 4 smaller could cut both ways. While that might make the Fold easier to handle and store in small pockets or bags, it might make the narrow front screen even less pleasant to use. Samsung might also have to opt for a smaller battery to accommodate the more compact design, which could impact battery life.

We won’t know for sure until launch day, though. This will likely happen in late summer/early fall within Samsung’s now-established foldable launch window, when we’ll also see if the Z Fold 4 gets a 108MP main camera and its S Pen. remains a separate accessory, as rumor has it.

Abdul J. Gaspar