Ikea is launching a new virtual design tool that lets you imagine what furniture looks like in your bedroom

On Wednesday, June 22, Ikea announced that it would launch a virtual design tool to help customers imagine what certain pieces of furniture might look like in their homes.

Ikea’s virtual design tool

According to The Verge, customers can scan their room using the company’s iOS app powered by Ikea Kreativ’s scene scanner.

Once the app is downloaded, customers can erase their existing furniture and place the virtual furniture in its place, so they can see if it matches their room decor.

If you are not comfortable scanning your room, you can choose from the 50 virtual showrooms available in the app where you can put the furniture.

Basically, the feature is designed to encourage customers to order the furniture for real after checking out its virtual versions, according to Crast.

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How the app works

The Kreative Scene Scanner app was created by Ingka Group, which is the biggest franchisee of Ikea.

According to Jon Porter of The Verge, while the app and experience is helpful and helpful, it can be a bit limiting.

Users won’t have the option to walk around the virtual showrooms, but it places furniture in the right places, so it shows you exactly what your home will look like after purchase.

Plus, it doesn’t allow you to skip the process of measuring your pieces because it’s necessary to make sure the furniture will fit.

To use the Ikea app, you need to start with the scanning process. Users will need to take a series of photos of their bedroom or other parts of their home where they want to install the furniture.

Users will also be prompted to pan around and wave their phone in a figure-eight motion to capture the exact visual of the area.

This part of the process only applies to iPhone users, as it is not yet available for Android users. According to TechCrunch, the app will roll out to Android users in mid-2022.

As soon as the scan is complete, users are left with an image that they can edit through the app or through Ikea’s website.

Users will then have to empty their existing furniture and add virtual furniture to the room. Currently, Ikea Kreativ currently has 12,000 items in its catalog, including rugs, furniture, accessories and wall decorations.

Kelly Gardner, a spokeswoman for Ikea, said the company plans to add support for more product categories like furniture and ceiling-mounted textiles in 2023.

The future of Ikea Creative

Even though users can only view their virtual furniture in a 2D photo, and even though it may be cumbersome, it is still a very useful tool.

Unlike Ikea’s previous app, this new version is more accurate in showing what furniture looks like in rooms, its color, size and design.

First tested in April 2021, Ikea Kreative was initially rolled out to one million customers and immediately received positive reviews. The company said it has other plans for the app in the future and to expand it to other countries.

Ikea is also working on how to change the pain colors on the wall, according to TechCrunch.

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