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NEW YORK, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 1stDibs, a leading marketplace for extraordinary design, today expanded its European presence by unveiling a localized site for Germany. The site will allow local shoppers to browse and receive customer support in their local language and view personalized search results. The company also plans to unveil a localized site in France next month.

1stDibs provides a platform for a wide range of inventory from an approved selection of over 4,700 sellers and resellers worldwide. 1stDibs offers over $14 billion in unique pieces in a variety of price points while guaranteeing exceptional quality.

In 2021, approximately 40% of 1stDibs sellers, one-third of traffic, and one-fifth of buyers were located outside of the United States, with a strong presence in Western Europe.

“France and Germany are our two largest non-English speaking markets, and we are excited to be able to offer our customers a more native shopping experience,” said David Rosenblatt, Managing Director. “These consumers can look forward to browsing, bidding at auctions, negotiating purchases, checking out and arranging delivery of the best design products from around the world in their local language.”

Platform users in Germany can now enjoy a search process that prioritizes items located in Europe, in addition to a fully localized customer journey including local language, currency, customer service and shipping . The editorial title of 1stDibs Introspective will also expand content tailored to this specific audience, including profiles of local interior designers and interviews with local sellers, in addition to cultural recommendations and reviews.

“We have long found our international content – ​​focused on interior designers, designers, sellers and exhibitions in Europe and beyond – to be some of our richest and most beloved stories,” said Anthony Barzilay Freund, Editorial Director and Director of Fine Arts. “As we build deeper international roots, I look forward to expanding this coverage for the benefit of our new readers in these markets and for long-time fans of our content in the United States who crave it. Learn about the larger world of craftsmanship, patina, beauty and material culture history as they embark on their collecting adventures.

Localizing the 1stDibs platform in Germany will provide users with an improved shopping experience and encourage stronger connections with local sellers and manufacturers. Notable German sellers include Global Gems, MODERN XX/Galerie Modern Design Berlin and Viebahn Fine Arts.

“This allows sellers in Germany to better interact with their local markets and enables sellers around the world to reach these buyers. 1stDibs features the best artists, designers, dealers and galleries from around the world, and we want to make it as easy as possible for all buyers to explore their amazing inventories,” said Matt Rubinger, Chief Commercial Officer.

The German site is at

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