Designer Jet helps achieve fast design results for office spaces

GH Commercial collaborated with Harry Poulos Architects to realize the studio’s design vision for a dynamic office space at the Wyndham Destinations Corporate Center.

The brief for the architects relied on creating a unique and “disruptive” environment, a key component in stimulating sales. A coalescence of the staff’s individual working styles combined with the intense sales atmosphere inspired the inspiration of the racetrack – an idea analogous to the fast-paced work culture. Tasked with creating a custom design that was easy to install and ready in a short period of time, GH’s sales team relied on its world-class Designer Jet technology to achieve the desired design results.

Inspired design

GH Commercial used its Designer Jet technology to print the interior design concept directly onto carpet rolls. A charcoal base covered in gray and white grid lines has been layered over a curvy multi-hued racing circuit, adding bright pops of color. The unexpected contrasting elements of this imaginative design served to create a dynamic and creative office environment, ideal for increasing productivity.

Flexible Custom Solutions

At the forefront of custom rug creation, Designer Jet simplifies the process of creating quality flooring. Using precision engineering to inject dye into the pile, Designer Jet printing technology can reproduce virtually any image, design or pattern in an almost limitless palette of shades, creating a bespoke carpet solution for any imaginable project.

You can use your own design, have one made in consultation with our in-house team, or select a production-ready model from our fully customizable range. With the ability to choose your preferred surface texture, product size and substrate type, true flexibility is guaranteed. The ideal solution for commercial projects looking for a distinctive floor covering with a fast delivery time, Designer Jet® carpets can be produced in as little as 3 weeks*.

Ready for performance

Available in a selection of sizes, from carpet tiles and 1.96m carpet roll boards custom designed for hallways and hallways, the design possibilities in every commercial application are limited only by the imagination.

Simple to install, with less potential waste than traditional broadloom carpeting, all Designer Jet carpets are stain resistant and rated ACCS contract heavy or extra duty, making them ideal for commercial projects.

Superbly durable

All Designer Jet products are officially Declare Red List Free certified, meeting strict standards for durability and toxic-free chemicals. The Designer Jet process also uses less water, chemicals and dyes than other traditional continuous carpet dyeing processes, with all stock carpet waste being diverted from landfills and recycled through our 3R program.

For high performance custom mats proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, with design fees included, smaller minimum orders, fast production time and priced to suit any commercial budget, look no further than the GH team. Commercial and our brilliant Designer Jet technology.

*From final design approval. Please allow longer lead times for large or complex projects.

Abdul J. Gaspar