Design program for quadrilaterals and human spaces to safely reopen physical spaces

Quadrangle and Human Space created “Wellness Ready” to help organizations successfully reopen physical spaces.
Image courtesy Quadrangle

Quadrilateral and Human Space offer Wellness Ready, a program designed to help organizations successfully plan to reopen and make the changes needed to create healthy environments.

“As the immediate needs of our built environment continue to evolve, this has underscored the important role physical space plays in supporting human well-being,” Human Space wrote on its website. “Now that we reopen offices, retail businesses, hotels, educational facilities and community spaces, there is a lot of uncertainty as to how this can be done safely and efficiently. “

In the short term, business owners and operators will need to figure out how to adapt their buildings and interiors to enable physical distancing, while defining longer term practices that will drive success with employees and customers. To address these challenges, Wellness Ready combines the expertise of Quadrangle, Human Space and a roster of industry specialists to advise on policies and protocols for health and safety, building performance, inclusion, of well-being and good design.

The program provides a flexible and holistic solution with a three-step approach including:

  • evaluate (now);
  • define (now, next); and
  • implement (now, next, future).

“No matter what stage of the process you find yourself in, we have a diverse team of specialists to advise you on policies and protocols for health and safety, inclusion, building performance and design. to guide you as your needs change, ”said Human Space. .

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