Deconstruct the new design process

What makes today’s design process different from the past?

From an architect’s perspective, that means going beyond beautiful design. Rather, the results, for the customer, are the center of attention. Imagine designing in the context of a business plan for the product development process. This way, you can begin to recognize critical touch points that are early and ongoing evidence that results will meet expectations.

These essential stepping stones into the design workflow take advantage of all available information – research, data, local code, environmental issues, and more. – on the specific challenges and opportunities of the project, in particular in a company such as the Meritage reNEWable Living Accueil.

On such projects, leaders of home construction organizations should serve as a pool of experts. They participate in the design process at key decision-making stages and help keep the process on track. It is important to create a collaborative environment that encourages stakeholder involvement in each discipline. Each of them has an impact on the contribution to the delivery of the house, from start to finish.

BSB design
BSB Design focuses on process and collaboration to create effective design.

At BSB Design, the company follows a 10-step process to ensure the team stays aligned with their client’s goal.

The design process goes beyond the design of the house: as BSB examines each applicable decision point, the team checks the validity of the assumptions made along the way. The company’s goal is to make minor course corrections along the critical path to completion. This way, we avoid being caught at the end of the process with a design that doesn’t work, can’t be built for the price target, or misses the deal.

For the reNEWable living house, BSB considered revising several aspects of the design to respond to the theme of renewal and resilience.

The process begins with market and consumer research to understand what the potential buyer wants. This leads to a design “program”, a list of assumptions about product type, size, features, and cost targets that guide the design team in their efforts. The program must be validated by the team. Skipping this step increases the chances of doubt in your design decision making and often results in delays and redesign due to changing priorities. In this case, the Meritage team was able to provide advice on specific climatic considerations that slightly altered the design.

Collaboration and orchestration of contributions from team members is crucial. With the reNEWable Living Home, the sales team directed us to features that buyers in this geographic location are asking for, such as the pocket door system that allows for a seamless indoor / outdoor connection. Interior designers validate that the plan accommodates the furniture necessary to appeal to the target buyer, and the purchasing team and construction team confirm that the cost of construction remains on target and that the house can be built in the existing systems of the builder and his construction team. Solving these problems on paper is essential to maintain a stable workflow and avoid costly surprises down the road.

Review processes should include value engineering and the review team should include all applicable trades. Often, it is the group that identifies cost, labor and material strategies that can have the most impact, as these people face assembly issues on a daily basis. Conducting a “paper frame walk” with the group at the appropriate stage validates these assumptions at the design stage, and any corrective changes required can be made with minimal course correction. Stay tuned to see if the executive’s walk on-site with the Meritage Homes team is making any changes.

By maintaining the focus on processes, collaboration and effective decision making, this design process helps to understand that there is a way to improve sales results, consumer satisfaction and profitability through design. .

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