DDC Selects Twenty Companies to Design New York’s Next Generation of Public Buildings

Commissioner Thomas Foley of New York’s Department of Design and Construction (DDC) announced today that the agency has contracted 20 companies to provide architectural design services for future public building projects in New York City as part of the latest round of DDC’s Project Excellence Program. Ten of the companies are certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs), helping the agency meet the city’s ambitious goals for awarding contracts to M/WBEs and increasing the capacity of the agency to create culturally competent designs.

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FDNY’s new environmentally sustainable Rescue Co. #2 fire station, which opened in Brooklyn in November 2019, was designed by Studio Gang as part of DDC’s Project Excellence Program.

“Companies selected for Project Excellence have gone through a rigorous review process to ensure they can deliver inspiring and functional designs using durable, long-lasting materials that can be built on time and on budget” said DDC Commissioner Thomas Foley. “This is an amazing time in the city’s history, and we’ve restructured Project Excellence to make it more beneficial for our design firms so they can truly commit to executing the best designs that will serve the most New Yorkers in the best way.

“We are very pleased that half of the companies that will be designing the City’s public buildings are certified M/WBEs,” continued Commissioner Foley. “DDC builds in every part of the city and we have always looked for companies that can create culturally sensitive projects that best serve the people who use them. Congratulations to all the firms selected for the architectural design. We plan to announce the companies that will provide engineering design services for the next generation of projects soon. »

“A wide diversity of architectural firms, including many minority and women-owned firms, have been selected for the latest cycle of DDC’s Project Excellence Program,” said Benjamin Prosky, Assoc. AIA, executive director of the American Institute of Architects New York. “We are confident that the next generation of public buildings in New York will be of the highest quality and reflect our city’s values.”

DDC is the city’s primary construction management agency, constructing infrastructure in addition to public buildings such as fire stations, libraries, community health centers, recreation centers, theaters and museums.

The agency’s Direction des Bâtiments Publics works with more than 20 City agencies and numerous cultural institutions funded by the City.

DDC’s Project Excellence Program (formerly known as Design and Construction Excellence) prequalifies companies to provide design services for its public building projects, reducing the time it takes to obtain design services. design while guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and professionalism in the construction projects managed by the agency.

The agency contracted with 26 design firms for the program’s final cycle, which expired in 2021.

For the next cycle of the program, the agency sought to enter into contracts for three years with up to 20 companies for architectural design services, including for new construction and major renovations, and up to 10 companies for engineering design services, which may include structural design, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), historic preservation, envelope, roof, and landscape design services.

Companies that will receive contracts for engineering design services will be announced next month.

Two Requests for Proposals (RFPs) soliciting companies to provide architectural design and engineering design services were issued by DDC in July 2020.

There were 190 responses to the architectural design tender, of which 20 were chosen to participate, which was the agency’s goal.

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The selected companies were ranked according to the size of their professional staff.

For architectural design services, five small firms (professional staff of 5-20) were selected to receive projects with estimated construction costs ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000; 10 medium enterprises (professional staff of 21 to 50) were selected to receive projects with estimated construction costs ranging from $10,000,001 to $50,000,000; and five large companies (professional staff above 50) were selected to receive projects with estimated construction costs ranging from $50,000,001 to $200,000,000.

Firms selected to provide architectural design services under the next cycle of DDC’s Project Excellence Program include:

SMALL (5 to 20 professionals)

  • Verona Carpenter Architects (WBE)
  • Shakespeare Gordon Vlado Architects (WBE)
  • Ricardo Zurita Architecture & Planning (MBE)
  • Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects (WBE)

MEDIUM (21 to 50 professionals)

  • Selldorf Architects (WBE)
  • R2Architects (Ronnette Riley Architect/Ross Barney Architects JV) (WBE)
  • 5 architects
  • Studio rue Leroy
  • BKSK Architects
  • ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers
  • Architecture of related works
  • TOD WILLIAMS BILLIE TSIEN Architects + Partners (M/WBE)
  • H3
  • PBDW Architects

LARGE (More than 50 professionals)

  • Studio Group (WBE)
  • Architects SHOP
  • Marvel (MBE)
  • Snøhetta
  • Grimshaw

The next round of Project Excellence will focus on the principles expressed in DDC’s Strategic Plan for Construction Excellence, which was introduced in January 2019 as a strategic guide to deliver DDC’s projects faster and more cost effectively.

Companies selected for the program will be evaluated on their performance, their ability to meet new standardized design times, and their ability to create designs leading to projects delivered on time and within budget.

The next round of Excellence Projects includes several changes designed to ensure fair compensation and flexibility for companies seeking to achieve these goals:

  • Unlike previous rounds, where selected companies responded to mini-tenders to compete for project assignments, the next round will award projects to participating companies on a rotating basis;
  • All contracts with participating firms will be prime architect contracts, with subcontractors defined after contract award;
  • The time spent by participating companies on construction administration will be billed as a time card, as opposed to a percentage of the fee curve. Companies will also receive an hourly rate equal to direct salary reimbursement for all timecard services;
  • All-inclusive hourly rates for time card services have been replaced with straight pay rates and a multiplier to support fair compensation practices;
  • The agency’s fee structure has been adjusted to reflect the more demanding environment in which the next round of public buildings will be executed.

SDC strongly encourages participation in the Project Excellence Program by minority and women-owned businesses (M/WBE). To learn more about how eligible businesses can become certified as an M/WBE, please visit Certify with the City.

The NYC Design and Build Department

The Design and Construction Department is the City’s primary manager of capital construction projects. Supporting Mayor Adams’ long-term vision for growth, sustainability, resilience, equity and healthy living, DDC provides communities with new or renovated public buildings such as fire stations, libraries, police stations and new or improved roads, sewers and water pipes. in the five boroughs.

To manage this $15.5 billion portfolio, DDC partners with other City agencies, architects and consultants, whose experience brings efficient, innovative and environmentally responsible design and construction strategies. city ​​projects.

For more information, go to nyc.gov/ddc.

Abdul J. Gaspar