City School Reconfiguration Project Design Process Begins | Education

Kristen Hill, community engagement specialist at VMDO, said she wanted to know what options to explore and why first before refining the designs in July and August.

The goal, Knox said, is to have plans ready for wider community feedback by the start of the school year in August. This way the design team can take advantage of the back-to-school events to hear from as many people as possible.

“I think the first day of school on August 25 should be a big day of celebration in our community,” Knox said. “We’re finally back from the pandemic, and that’s a point where I think the work of the community design team needs to take that celebration and say, ‘Hey, look forward to what we can be. Here’s all the work we’ve been doing over the summer, and here’s all the different ways we might look at the reconfiguration. ‘”

According to the presentation, VMDO’s outreach plan includes several options for community members to get involved in the project with the community design team. People who cannot attend every design meeting can be part of the Think Tank, attend meetings when they can or when there is a topic of interest.

All plans will first be presented to the design team at public meetings.

“So everyone sees everything at the same time,” Knox said. “It’s a method of building trust and sending the message that decisions haven’t been made yet”

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