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FAIRMONT– On Monday evening, Fairmont City Council considered a contract with Kraus-Anderson for construction manager (CM) services for the proposed community center.

City administrator Cathy Reynolds said Kraus Anderson’s selection was approved at the April 25 council meeting and negotiations are now complete with the help of Tegra, the landowner’s representative. town. The reconstruction services total is $72,520, but Kraus Anderson has given a $48,000 discount on reconstruction services when the guaranteed maximum price is approved for construction services.

“As Construction Manager, they would do the cost estimating and value engineering for all design work done by the architect, 292 Design Group,” said Reynolds.

She said the staff is recommending approval of the contract.

Council member Wayne Hasek questioned why they would approve the contract if all the money hasn’t been raised for the project yet.

Council member Bruce Peters said he was continuing to vote yes to move the project forward as he would like to see a set price so they can set a date for the fundraiser and get some money in hand as fast as possible.

Randy Lubenow, Board Member, asked why the Board continues to “rake people who want to invest in the community over the coals.” He said it was disappointing.

“Commit money. Let’s be specific. It’s promised money, not cash on hand that can be used tomorrow.” said Board Member Michele Miller.

The advice was referring to the $6 million the Fairmont Community Center Foundation was tasked with raising for the project. Late last summer, the Rosen family, the Krahmer family and the Mayo Clinic Health System of Fairmont teamed up and pledged $4.5 million.

Board member Britney Kawecki referenced the new addition of Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center, as well as Mayo’s cancer wing at Fairmont and the importance of pledges for these projects.

“I would recommend everyone to take the time to go and meet them. Without promises, none of these organizations would exist,” said Kawecki.

Miller pointed out that while the pledges are great, the resolution passed in December 2019 was about cash on hand.

Mayor Deb Foster agreed that the majority of council decided to put the money in the bank. Peters added that he continues to vote yes to see the project move forward.

Kawecki said she thought the public knew how the board members felt, but a Foundation member asked the board how they wanted the money and the answer was cash in hand. She said she thinks the board needs to stop talking about it.

“We look pathetic. It’s embarassing,” said Kawecki.

“I’m embarrassed to be on this council,” Hasek said.

In a vote of 4 to 1, the contract with Kraus-Anderson for construction manager services was approved.

In addition, the council recognized several municipal employees for their years of service:

— David Schultz, wastewater – 30 years.

– Sergeant. James Kotewa, police officer – 25 years old.

— David Hinz, electric – 25 years old.

— Tyler Cowing, engineer – 10 years.

In other actions, the council:

— Approval of a lease agreement with UHD (United Hospital District) for offices in the Southern Minnesota Educational Campus (SMEC) building.

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