Broward County Public Art and Design Program Installs New Sculptures in Two West Broward Parks

The Broward County Public Art and Design Program announced the installation of two new sculptures at Pine Island Pocket Park in Davie and Everglades Holiday Park in west Fort Lauderdale. These latest additions to the county’s growing collection of public art are quickly becoming local landmarks, delighting area residents and visitors of all ages.

Silhouette Herd by artist Wendy Klemperer was commissioned in partnership with the County Highway Engineering and Construction Division for the City of Davie’s Pine Island Pocket Park. Flight Path by artists Jennifer Madden and Jeffrey Reed was commissioned in partnership with County Parks and Recreation for Everglades Holiday Park, which recently completed a nearly $16 million renovation.

Klemperer’s Silhouette Herd features a group of five galloping horses that come to life amid the foliage of Pine Island Pocket Park south of I-595 along S. Pine Island Road. Reflecting Davie’s rural and equestrian roots, the sculpture acknowledges the equestrian trails located throughout the city and evokes a time when horses ran free in the wild. The Brooklyn, New York based artist has used varying weathered patinas and finishes to reflect the natural colors of bay, chestnut, pinto and gray horses. She collaborated with the local manufacturer SEA design studio, who used plasma cutting technology to produce the multi-dimensional sculptures and give them their united lyrical sense of rhythm and gesture. The colors shimmer in the sun and fade in the shade, as light and weather change throughout the day and the seasons.

Klemperer, who holds degrees in biochemistry and art, describes his process as using his physical involvement in the action of invention to intuitively convey instinct and nature in his sculptures. She says, “These sculptures are the largest of their kind that I have made; I am really delighted with the visual impact of the pieces, which, during the process, led me to new ideas for future projects.

At Everglades Holiday Park located in far western Broward County, the artistic partnership of Jennifer Madden and Jeffrey Reed created the monumental sculpture, Flight Path. The artwork is a larger than life representation of the Great Egret. The stainless steel sculpture glistens in the sun against a backdrop of river grass in the Everglades. Over 20 flat sculptures depicting a variety of birds that can be found in the Everglades are embedded in the trail adjacent to the sculpture. The nearby identification key encourages park visitors to challenge themselves to identify each one.

Award-winning California artists Reed and Madden were selected for the public art commission because of their ability to create poetic environments through art that fosters community gathering and community pride. Dominique Denis, Public Art and Design Project Manager, said: “The artists have designed a visually appealing educational tool and fun game for people of all ages that honors the park’s rich bird life and provides a shady destination and an elegant sculptural symbol of flight.”

Both public art installations celebrate nature, transform the environment and recognize their respective communities. Cultural Division Director Phil Dunlap said, “The artists interpreted the essence of each location, then imagined multiple interactions with viewers to communicate their vision. The works of art not only look beautiful, but they provide a memorable experience for residents and visitors to the county through public art. “

Both projects were envisioned by the Public Art & Design program as opportunities to discover nature through art. Program administrator Leslie Fordham noted, “Silhouette Herd’s intricacies in color and pattern form a mirage of motion and take visitors back in time to reflect on Davie’s history and culture.” She adds, “A very similar experience occurs with Flight Path where the Great Egret barely touches the ground in hesitant flight allowing the visitor to gaze upon the rich bird life of the Everglades.”

In addition to these new works of art, the county’s public art collection includes more than 280 site-specific paintings, sculptures, murals, and installations. For more information on the public art and design program, one of the oldest of its kind in the country, visit

Abdul J. Gaspar