Aquatic Design Portfolio 2015: Snohomish Aquatic Center

Site: Snohomish, Laver.
Project submitted by: Dull Olson Weekes – IBI Group Architects Inc., Water Technology Inc.

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This new aquatic center provides the Snohomish School District with a facility for its students to train and participate in a competitive swimming program, as well as an environment that engages the local community. It features saltwater recreational and competition pools, a waterslide, therapeutic hot tub, and a surf simulation machine. The facility includes district administrative offices, locker rooms, and an area of ​​concessions and cafes, as well as reception, community meeting and event spaces.

The 52,000 square foot building contains two separate natatoriums linked together by a window wall. This connectivity extends to the environment beyond the center, with expansive perimeter skeleton windows, glazing, and large skylights providing widespread natural light.

The facility was designed to be versatile and accessible to all members of this Pacific Northwest community. It serves two secondary schools with a competition pool and more than 400 seats for spectators. The recreational pool, water slide and surf simulation machine offer a wide range of water activities for citizens of all ages. The center offers learning to swim classes to help promote water safety for its residents, which is essential for a community surrounded by rivers and lakes.

Reference architect:
Dull Olson Weekes – IBI Group Architects Inc., Portland, Oregon.
Aquatic design engineer: Water Technology Inc., Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
Square feet: 52,000
Cost: $ 22 million
Occupation: January 2014

Dashboard / Timing systems: Colorado Time Systems
Ladders / grab bars, lane markers, starting blocks: Aquatic specter
Chemical control systems: TMI-SCC
Filtration systems: Neptune-Benson inc.
Lighting: Stern
Water feature features: Aquatic structures Vortex International

From15In 2015 Athletic Affairs® introduced the first aquatic design portfolio. From wading pools to competitive swimming venues, these projects showcase the latest aquatic trends and design concepts. We hope they will serve as an inspiration to professionals in the sports, fitness and recreation industries and their own aquatic projects. For more information, click here.


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