8 things not to do for your industrial design portfolio!

For an industrial designer, there are few things more important than your portfolio. This is the main reason why you still haven’t landed your first design job. Alternatively, this is the main reason why you got the job you are in. We all understand its importance, so here are some tips you should AVOID in your design portfolio.

Brilliant renderings, crappy ideas

Make no mistake: high quality sketches and renderings are a plus in every portfolio. But an experienced recruiter will also judge your ideas, design decisions, and craftsmanship.

Products without process

Your portfolio is not a product catalog. It’s about you and the way you work – so be sure to highlight your process.

User is missing

A good search is more than a google search for competitive products. Take it a step further and show that you know what a user-centric approach to design looks like.

No story

Don’t be boring, the product development process can be exciting! Use (visual) storytelling to create a portfolio that sticks.

Quantity over quality

Don’t start filling your portfolio with shoddy projects, reaching a certain number of pages. A portfolio should contain your BEST work.

Decorative graphic design

As Dieter Rams said: “Less but better”. You don’t need to showcase your formidable graphic design skills, keep it simple and let your designs shine.

Too many details

Yes, show the process (research, sketches, prototypes ect.) But don’t show EVERYTHING. Make a selection and show only the relevant items.

Lack of structure

Where does one project end and the next one begins? Why don’t you use a proper layout grid? Provide a solid structure, it will definitely help you.

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Billie M. Secrist

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