39 design templates to boost your cloud architecture

Arcitura Education, which has long been at the forefront of service-oriented architecture and thought leadership in the cloud, has just launched CloudPatterns.org, a community site to document core models for cloud computing platforms and architectures.

The site looks like SOA Models, which lists the key design patterns for service-oriented architecture. Arcitura President Thomas Erl is the organizer of both efforts. The goal of both is the same: to identify models that map modular and technology-driven solutions to business problems. The effort to document models and mechanisms “provides an extremely concrete view of the cloud architecture layers and the individual building blocks that represent the moving parts that can be creatively assembled to take advantage of cloud environments for automation. of the company, ”according to Arcitura.

The models described on the site are as follows. These models are also assembled to provide “compound models” that tackle contemporary models of cloud delivery and deployment (such as public cloud, IaaS, etc.). At the time of this publication, there were 39 design models and 13 compound models:

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